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EA will release another remaster by March 2021. Now requests for a new edition of the Mass Effect Trilogy are coming up again. Fans of the series have been turning to BioWare and EA for years. So far, there is no information about the new HD title. The announcement could already be made during EA Play in June.

Publisher Electronic Arts announced plans for the current fiscal year this week. A total of 14 games are expected to appear in stores by March 31, 2021. We have already reported on this in detail today. However, a very special announcement caught the eye of the fans. Accordingly, EA will publish another remaster this fiscal year. In the publisher's current financial report, this was announced as "EA HD Title". However, more information is still missing.

For many years, fans have wanted a new edition of the Mass Effect trilogy for current platforms. Even after the announcement of a remaster, EA and BioWare are receiving corresponding requests. So far, however, there are no indications that a new edition of the Mass Effect Trilogy is being worked on. In 2017, Mass Effect: Andromeda, the last offshoot of the sci-fi series, was released.

Of course, there are many other potential candidates besides Mass Effect who could be considered for a remaster. Recently, for example, rumors have surfaced about a mobile version of Skate 3. A new edition could be worked on in parallel here. It is also possible to remaster an earlier Battlefield title. But Dead Space, SSX or Mirror's Edge could also be considered.

It is also unclear for which platform the remaster will appear. Implementation for PS5 and Xbox Series X is also not excluded here. The latest EA editions include Burnout Paradise Remastered, Crysis and Command & Conquer Remastered. On June 12, 2020 at the latest, we will probably learn more as part of EA Play. The event starts at 1 a.m. German time.

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