from Dominik Zwingmann
Publisher Electronic Arts has been sued in Canada. Once again, loot boxes in games like FIFA and Madden NFL will be the focus of the negotiation. According to the plaintiffs, this is illegal gambling that EA has benefited from for years. Canada has not yet addressed the issue.

Two months after the lawsuit against Electronic Arts in the US, the publisher has now also been indicted in Canada. Here, too, the case revolves around loot boxes, which are used in games such as Madden NFL, FIFA or NHL. More than 60 titles are listed in the text – including Apex Legends, Star Wars Battlefront, Need for Speed ​​and more. According to the plaintiffs, the company has been profiting from illegal gambling since 2008 by selling loot boxes with random content for real money. The form of the lawsuit is a class action. Thus, all players in Canada who have purchased a loot box from EA in the past twelve years would benefit from the lawsuit – provided the case is decided against EA. In Canada, too, there are currently no legal requirements for the use of loot boxes in video games. Because it is a civil action, the government is not required to make changes to the laws afterwards.

The text of the lawsuit also mentions other countries that recently introduced new guidelines for loot boxes. These include Japan, South Korea, Belgium and the Netherlands. Proceedings are still ongoing in the UK and the US. But not all countries have classified Lootboxing as a game of chance. Among other things, there were no further steps against the game mechanics in France and New Zealand. Just a few weeks ago there was a shitstorm against EA because of an advertising placement for FIFA Points, which are used to buy loot boxes. An esports professional from FC Schalke 04 has also publicly decided against using FIFA Points in FIFA 21.

Source: The Patch Notes

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