An 18-year-old young man from Ireland recently faced a trial over his racist hate speech. The player lost an Ultimate Team power in FIFA with the virtual version of Ian Wright. The English football player was committed to Arsenal and Celtic Glasgow, among others, and also played for the British national team in the 1990s.

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After the defeat in the virtual soccer game, the FIFA player went to Instagram to send 20 racist, insulting and hateful messages to ex-soccer star Ian Wright.

Acquittal in court

This act brought the young Irishman to court. There he was acquitted for showing remorse. Ian Wright, meanwhile, commented on the matter on Twitter, including the acquittal of the racist player. You can read his tweet below:

"I've heard the verdict and I'm disappointed," Wright wrote on the social media platform. Further: "This case was never about revenge, it was always about the consequences for racist behavior. The fact that I forgave this young man was an inner and personal need, and my desire to look ahead and the pain behind I am a 57 year old man who has experienced racism all his life. I did not expect my forgiveness to be seen as a ground for mild judgment. "

"When I see this verdict, I can't help but wonder what is preventing others from doing such racist and abusive acts," said Ian Wright's tweet.

He also writes: "Someone wished me dead, solely because of the color of my skin. No court ruling in the sense of" naivety "or" lack of maturity "will be acceptable to us. The presumed naivety, the alleged lack of maturity of our tormentors can never help us. Yes, I am disappointed. I am exhausted. We are all exhausted. "

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EA bans players for life

While the court ruling has no consequences for the racist act committed by the FIFA player, The publisher Electronic Arts banned the man from all his games for life, including FIFA. The company also made a statement in which the mutual assistance with Ian Wright stressed. The behavior of the player is absolutely unacceptable and in no way tolerable.

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