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Those responsible at Electronic Arts looked back on the last financial quarter in the course of an earnings call (and also commented on Bioware). We have summarized the most important findings in the message.

Those responsible at Electronic Arts held an earnings call and the Report for the last financial quarter published, which ended on December 31, 2020. We have summarized the most important findings for you below:

  • Sales for the three months were $ 1.673 billion. In the past twelve months, EA generated sales of $ 5.956 billion, which is eight percent more than last year.
  • The profit in 2020 should be 1.179 billion US dollars (in 2020 it was 2.83 billion US dollars thanks to a one-time tax break).
  • The EA Sports games alone reached 230 million players last year. There was a new record for FIFA's Ultimate Team mode: six million players gambled the mode every day in December 2020 (!).
  • Apex Legends can look forward to a player growth of 30 percent compared to the previous year.
  • December 2020 also saw new record numbers for Sims 4 in terms of the average daily, weekly and monthly active players. A total of 33 million players have gambled Sims 4 so far.
  • EA's mobile division continues to grow, led by Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and FIFA Mobile.
  • In the last quarter, $ 951 million was raised through live servers or microtransactions. Pure games sales brought in "only" 722 million US dollars.
  • Those responsible emphasize that they want to develop further Star Wars games together with Lucasfilm Games in the future. In total, EA's Star Wars games are said to have sold around 52 million times.
  • Although there has been a change in leadership at Bioware with the departure of Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah, EA is very confident about the future of the studio. A setback like Anthem can always happen when a developer tries innovative and new things.

Sources: Electronic Arts, Gamespot

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