Elite Dangerous: first person shooter missions coming in 2021

from Andreas Bertits
A video of the space action game Elite Dangerous, apparently accidentally released, shows us first person shooter missions. An update will appear in 2021, allowing players to leave the cockpit and walk around on planets. The new feature has now been officially confirmed.

The cockpit of your spaceship will soon open in space game Elite Dangerous and you can walk on the surfaces of planets. The update is planned for 2021.

Get out of the ship!

The official video for the Odyssey update for Elite Dangerous (buy now) was taken offline very quickly by the developer Studio Frontier Developments. But copies are currently spreading on YouTube. The video shows a Cobra spaceship flying towards a planet and landing there. Two people in space suits climb up and watch a landing ship from a hill, weapons at the ready. The title "Odyssey" follows and a release date in early 2021. In the meantime, Frontier Developments has officially confirmed the new update.

In Elite Dangerous you mainly travel by spaceship. However, it is also possible to land on some planets and drive around with a vehicle. Next year there is still the option to get out and explore the foreign worlds on foot. You accept missions from NPCs that take you and your team members to specific locations. For each mission you have to equip yourself appropriately for the tactical battles. There are supposed to be an endless number of missions.

Elite Dangerous: Trailer of the Odyssey expansion

"Odyssey is our most ambitious Elite Dangerous expansion to date," said David Braben, founder and CEO of Frontier. "It is a tremendous feat of the team to extend the coverage to the super-fine scale required to play on foot while complying with the enormous raw distances measured in light years. The already rich Elite Dangerous experience will be greatly expanded. We hope that you join us to continue this journey of discovery and adventure when Elite Dangerous: Odyssey starts in early 2021. "

For Elite Dangerous, this feature of the Odyssey update represents the next big step towards more freedom in space games. Star Citizen also offers shooter battles and the option to leave the ship. However, the release of Star Citizen is still in the stars, while Elite Dangerous has been officially available for over 5 years and is constantly expanding, for example with gigantic carrier ships.

Are you looking forward to leaving the cockpit in Elite Dangerous soon?

Source: Resetera

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