Have dataminer in Pokémon Go game files found some interesting new events, items, quests and more. The most interesting find is an Elite TM. In contrast to normal TMs, this is intended to determine exactly which attack you want to teach the Pokémon. Normal TMs always grant the Pokémon a random new attack. How to get this Elite-TM is not yet known.

Sinnoh event in 2020

Some quests for an upcoming Sinnoh event have been found. Chelast, Panflam, Plinfa and Zirpurze are the focus. The quests are otherwise about the usual tasks (catch, develop, hatch).

Valentine's Day event

This year pink Pokémon are again in the foreground: Flegmon, Flurmel, Liebiskus and Hoppspross. For the associated quests, you have to hatch eggs but also compete against Rocket Rübel. Team Rocket fans could also have new Pokémon up their sleeve during this period.

Community day quests
The quests for the upcoming Community Day in February have been added.

"quest_catch_special36_plural" "Catch {0} Rhyhorn"
"quest_catch_special37_plural" "Catch {0} Machop"
"quest_catch_special38_plural" "Catch {0} Vulpix"
"quest_catch_special39_plural" "Catch {0} Dratini"

Vote on 1 February 2020 from 00:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. which of the four options you prefer.

Pika Libre Items

Pikachu becomes a wrestler and comes with a wrestler mask. In the course of this event, trainers can apparently unlock additional cosmetic items.

Landscape mode

"Landscape mode does not support occlusion"

In the game files there is a section about "Landscape Mode", which may be a new way of taking pictures of his Pokémon.

Profile updates

Trainers looking at your character (e.g. in the raid lobby) can now also see how many different Pokéstops you have visited and when you started Pokémon Go.

Pokémon GO: the official trailer for the mate adventure

Battle Pass

The raid pass is now called Battle Pass. This change should already be applied with the current update.

Restrictions on avatar items

According to the information from the game files, you will no longer be able to combine some avatar items.
"selected_incompatible_item" "This item conflicts with another item you're already wearing."

Wayfarer bonus quests

So far it is not known what it is all about.
"selected_incompatible_item" "This item conflicts with another item you're already wearing."

Poffin bundle

In the future, several Knursp can be purchased in stacks of 3 or 5.

Multiplayer text updates

buddy_multiplayer_timeout_dialog_description The current Buddy Group closed due to inactivity. To continue, please retry by scanning a Group QR Code.

buddy_multiplayer_timeout_dialog_title The Buddy Group has closed. buddy_multiplayer_lets_play Play with your friends and their buddies!

buddy_multiplayer_lobby_body_host You're the group leader, so only you can see the swirls hinting at the hiding spots. Give instructions to the other Trainers, and look at the same swirl together!

buddy_multiplayer_lobby_body_peer Get instructions from the group leader to find the hiding spots! buddy_multiplayer_lobby_full This group is full. Try another group.

buddy_multiplayer_lobby_header Find your buddies together! buddy_multiplayer_lobby_waiting Waiting for other players resume_ar_multiplayer_session Would you like to rejoin your previous shared AR session?

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