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While the exact story of the Amazon series based on The Lord of the Rings is still a mystery, there are definitely three well-known characters from the books: Elrond, Galadriel and Sauron themselves. What did the three do in the Second Age?

The Amazon series on The Lord of the Rings will play in the Second Age – that's been known for a while. However, of course many fans of Tolkien's world are wondering which characters we will see accordingly. Because while some had not even lived at that time (such as Frodo and other hobbits), Middle-earth still offers many long-lived figures that were active in the second age. Three well-known elves are said to be according to the reliable news site occur in the series:

  • Elrond before his time in Rivendell
  • Galadriel before forging the three rings
  • Sauron with the ability to take beautiful shape

Sauron in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

In the action game Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, we get to see an Elf form of Sauron that wasn't in the movies – could it look like this in the Amazon series?

Source: Buffed

The actress from Galadriel is even certain. It is the Welshwoman Morfydd Clark, who played in the series Dracula, among others. However, it is still unclear who will play Elrond (in the films Hugo Weaving) and Sauron. Of particular interest is the fact that Sauron was still an Elf at the time, who could manipulate others with the help of his clever words.

What about the high king of the elves?

According to, it is not yet certain whether Gilga-lad will also appear. Of the last high king of the elves was elementary in the war against Sauron and overthrew the dark ruler together with the human king Elendil. Taking into account the role he played, it only seems to be a matter of time before this character is confirmed.

What do you think of this casting information? Are you excited about the actors for Sauron and Elrond? Or don't you want to see these characters in the series? Write to us in the comments!

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