The Swedish video game company Embracer Group has expanded its repertoire a lot. for around 2.7 billion SEK, the company has now acquired eight more studios, which means that the workforce has now grown to over 8,000 employees. In total, the Embracer Group now owns over 70 studios.

The company expects additional sales of up to SEK 300 million from the new acquisitions, as the Embracer Group recently announced. We are there now Grimfrostwho specialize in Viking merchandise. You can buy Viking beards, books and foam axes from them. The mobile game studio is now also owned Crazylabswho published Jumanji: Epic Run, for example, Ghost Ship Games, made famous by Deep Rock Galactic, and the indie developer Easy Trigger Games, the creators of Huntdown, to Embracer Group.

The virtual reality studio was also added Force Field, the French studio DigixArt, the makers of Ghostrunner Slipgate Ironworks, and 3D Realms bought up. The latter have spawned games like Duke Nukem in the past.

In the German video game space, Embracer Group is a pretty strong brand. Part of the group are, for example, Koch Media, Piranha Bytes, Black Forest Games, and THQ Nordic. With the new expansion, the company is only strengthening its place as a gaming giant.

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