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The Gearbox Entertainment Company (Borderlands), founded in 1999, is now part of the Embracer Group, the parent company of THQ Nordic and Koch Media. We have summarized the previously known details about the deal in the message.

The Embracer Group (THC Nordic until 2019) has developed enormously in recent years and has incorporated a large number of studios through takeovers, which now belong to or are managed by the independently operating business units THQ Nordic, Koch Media, Coffee Stain, Saber Interactive and Amplifier Game Invest will.

And now there was the next notable addition. With a press release said those in charge of the Embracer Group that they had a takeover agreement with the Gearbox Entertainment Company could sign.

The US company was founded in 1999 by Randy Pitchford and other developers and has since released several games from the "Brothers in Arms" and "Borderlands" series, among others. They also appeared as a publisher from 2015, including for Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition and We Happy Few.

The Embracer Group is investing $ 363 million in the acquisition, of which 175 million will be in the form of shares. If Gearbox achieves certain operational and financial targets within the next six years, an additional up to 1 billion US dollars will be paid out. Randy Pitchford, who remains the CEO of Gearbox, and the other employees are now shareholders of the Embracer Group.

Parallel to the press release also went a presentation online, which reveals further details about the Embracer Group: The media group now has access to 244 licenses and 64 internal development studios. There are also 73 external studios. A total of 193 projects should be in the developer, including 119 projects that have not yet been announced.

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