Embracer Group: THQ Nordic mother takes over 13 studios

The Embracer Group, the parent company of THQ Nordic, is known for having taken over numerous developer studios – including the Metro creators of 4A Games – in the past few months. But that was probably not the end of the company's investment. As a current press release shows, the group recently took over 13 additional studios – almost in one fell swoop.

Shadow Warrior 2: Launch Trailer for PS4 and Xbox One

These include, among other things, some well-known developer teams. For example, the Polish studio Flying Wild Hog is now part of the Embracer Group. This team is mainly responsible for the shooter series Shadow Warrior and Hard Reset. The Austrian Purple Lamp Studios also landed in the "shopping cart" and made a name for themselves with the remake of Spongebob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom. Nimble Giant Games (Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars) and Zen Studios (Pinball FX) are now part of the Embracer Group. The total investment volume for the acquisitions is around 200 million euros and should significantly expand the portfolio. It is not yet known whether and, if so, in what form the deals will affect the current projects of the individual studios. Here is an overview of the teams:

  • 34BigThings
  • A Thinking Ape Entertainment
  • Coffee Stain North
  • Flying Wild Hog
  • IUGO Mobile Entertainment
  • Mad Head Games
  • Nimble Giant Entertainment
  • Purple Lamp Studios
  • Quantic Lab
  • Silent Games
  • Snapshot Games
  • Sandbox strategies
  • Zen Studios

Source: Embracer Group

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THQ Nordic has taken over another developer studio, 4A Games. The team is best known for the games in the Metro series. THW Nordic has secured some interesting trademark rights.

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THQ Nordic has announced that it has secured the rights to additional Koch Media brands. The THQ parent Embracer Group now owns 26 different development studios.

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The Embracer Group, the parent company of THQ Nordic, now owns 26 development studios. But that shouldn't stop there.

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