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Paradox Interactive and Romero Games announced in a press release that Empire of Sin will not be released in spring 2020 as planned. Instead, the date has now been postponed to an as yet unknown day in autumn 2020. Nothing has changed on the planned platforms, however. According to a statement by those responsible, the makers need a little more time to fine-tune the strategy title.

Empire of Sin fans will have to wait a little longer for the release of the strategy title. As publisher Paradox Interactive and developer studio Romero Games announced in a message, the game will only be released for PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch in autumn 2020. However, an exact day has not yet been set. Empire of Sin was previously scheduled for release in spring 2020. The Paradox statement states:

"We at Paradox Interactive, together with our partners at Romero Games, have an ambitious vision for Empire of Sin. So we decided that we needed more development time. This allows us to deliver a game that our community deserves and meets our standards . " said Ebba Ljungerud, CEO at Paradox.

Brenda Romero from Romero Games was also overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm of the community for the game. She and her team hope that the wait will be worth it for everyone in the end. In Empire of Sin, players end up in Chicago in the 1920s and have to tackle organized crime as the mastermind behind a gang. At Gamescom 2019, we already had the chance to take a look at the title. You can read everything about it in our preview. Below the message you can also watch a trailer for the upcoming game.

Empire of Sin: The gamescom trailer with new gameplay

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Played at gamescom: Empire of Sin in the preview

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Empire of Sin: The gamescom trailer with new gameplay

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Empire of Sin: New gangster game from Romero

Paradox Interactive announced the new gangster game Empire of Sin for PC and consoles at E3 2019.