Employees receive a very special controller as a thank you

The release of the PlayStation 5 was a huge success for Sony and the console is still sold out after a few minutes as soon as a few copies are available. The company is therefore rewarding the launch team with a very special controller.

PlayStation 5

PS5: A piece of gold for the employees

The DualSense controller also contributed to the great success of the PlayStation 5, which with its adaptive triggers and haptic feedback is a significant improvement over the DualShock and other controllers. While the response in terms of functionality and comfort was almost entirely positive, many owners are still patiently waiting for their PS5 controllers to be able to design individually.

While the players have so far officially had to make do with a DualSense controller in black and white, the launch team can look forward to some color. The luxurious design shown in the pictures of Product design manager Joey Rabbit can be seen shows a shiny gold design. The imprint "PS5 Launch Team" makes the good piece particularly attractive and unique.

(Image: Joey Rabbitt / Sony)

How about your controllers?

This golden version is likely to be reserved exclusively for the team behind the console, but Sony is making promises FAQsthat you too will have the opportunity to customize your controllers. The company has also indicated in the past that official faceplates for the PS5 that you can use to add some color to the console. An exact date has not yet been announced.

This is the ultimate piece of gold.

You have to be patient, but Sony has come up with something nice with the golden controller to support the launch team to congratulate him on his success.

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