Activision Blizzard is currently not in a good light after employees released payrolls that show that even with $ 1.93 billion in sales every quarter, some employees don't seem to be able to afford a decent meal.

A strange compensation for overtime

According to reports from anonymous and former Blizzard employees, family-raising plans had to be postponed due to payment, and others could only afford oatmeal to eat. With questions about salary, it was said that the employees should be happy to work for Blizzard and that everyone was expendable.

Now a message appeared on Reddit, which shows that employees were compensated for special services such as high flexibility and overtime. However, not in the form of money or free time, but as honor points. The employees were allowed to collect these points and then exchange them for games or as credit for as well as for Bluetooth headphones and the like. The website Wowhead meanwhile confirmed this.

Memes are now appearing on the Internet, for example showing how people with honor points pay their rent or groceries in the supermarket. More and more former Blizzard employees speak up, confirming that Blizzard pay wasn't supposed to be good and that overtime compensation was a joke.

"I asked a human resources representative at a corporate finance review meeting why other companies in Austin paid a raise for rising living costs and we didn't ($ 12 / hour). They said we were between the keys for games and merchandise, The balance and 25 years of playing time we get, we get more than twice the salary of these companies and that we should be happy, "wrote an ex-employee Twitter.

Source: MassivelyOP

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