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The Guild Wars 2 team reached out to the community for all kinds of hot topics. There was bad news and good news. Spoiler: The third expansion, End of Dragons, will be postponed. Alliances are coming this year!

We have known since August 2020 that Arenanet is participating in a new expansion for Guild Wars 2 tinkering. Now in July it should finally be Big reveal with details about the setting, the story, and beta events and give more from End of Dragons. And yes, the livestream date on July 27 is still there. But it will take a little longer before we can play the add-on in the final version.

In the course of the July updates on the official website the Arenanet team announced that the launch of the expansion will be postponed from the end of 2021 to the beginning of 2022. The reason:

“Given the progress in the development of enlargement and the real world challenges of the past year and a half that have changed the way we live and work, it has become clear to us that we need a little more time to implement our creative vision for Cantha.”

The developers also had a number of good news for all GW2 fans in their luggage. Here are the other findings from the extensive post:

  • Colin Johanson, the former Guild Wars 2 game director (buy now 39,95 € ), returns to ArenaNet to co-run the studio with John Taylor (JT).
  • Josh Davis (aka Grouch) is also returning to the team as Head of Live Operations. He’s supposed to focus on leading the development strategy for the game and making sure the team gives you a cohesive, high-quality gaming experience.
  • Alliances are coming this year. The features for world restructuring are to be published in a multi-stage beta phase. This means that the developers only release part of the world restructuring system to test it with you in the game and to get your feedback. The components of the feature will be functional but not fully polished. This makes it easier for the devs to respond to your feedback without having to rewrite a bunch of code. As soon as the developers have finalized the design and implementation with you, they will fine-tune the features and release them from the beta phase. In August there should be an overview of the functioning of the world restructuring and a schedule of the first beta events.
  • The developers are currently working on upgrading the engine to DirectX 11, and they expect the upgrade to be released in beta later this year. Upgrading to DX11 opens many doors to performance improvement, such as processor multithreading. It also paves the way for some potential graphics upgrades.
  • Apart from the live stream on July 27, several live streams for End of Dragons are also planned for the weeks and months afterwards.

Last but not least, there are two pictures from the blog that were not commented on by the developers. On the one hand, we have the first in-game screenshot that shows the new Cantha region.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons - die Region Cantha.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons – die Region Cantha.

What: Arenanet

On the other hand, the new Mesmer specialization can be seen on this teaser picture:

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons - are we seeing the new Spear Mesmer Specialization?

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons – are we seeing the new Spear Mesmer Specialization?

What: Arenanet

How does it look: Are you looking forward to the upcoming expansion? All Previously known details about Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons can be found here.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons: First trailer for the third expansion

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