The Elder Scrolls 6 is missing in Bethesda Neverland, but another game could still satisfy your craving for it: Dear Skyrim fans, It’s time to give Enderal a try – if you haven’t already.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Every time someone thinks they’re playing a game better than Skyrim, I roll my eyes. Come on, your new favorite has nothing to do with Skyrim! The Witcher 3 is better than Skyrim, right? But do you already realize that The Witcher 3 follows a completely different gameplay premise, with a pre-made story and a pre-made character? Huh?

You can say what you want, but there are hardly any games like The Elder Scrolls. Which does not mean that the TES parts are infallible masterpieces on the market; it just means one thing: Role-playing games are seldom so lonely, so free, so big. You can do anything you want in Skyrim; can be almost anything you want. For some it is too dreary – some, like me, love it. Now of course it’s kind of funny when I say that at most Skyrim could outperform a game like Skyrim, right?

Enderal is a gigantic mod for Skyrim, so big it's actually a game of its own.  (Image source: SureAI)
Enderal is a gigantic mod for Skyrim, so big it’s actually a game of its own. (Image source: SureAI)

When I think of Skyrim, Enderal is suddenly on my mind

Hm, what was the name of this town in Skyrim again? Ark? No, no – Whiterun! Anyway, I prefer to think of Ark rather than Whiterun anyway: Enderal has overwritten the memories of Skyrim in my head, and it can do that so well because it’s a Skyrim mod. Probably the biggest Skyrim mod ever – a mod with its own story, its own map, its own skill system, its own NPCs and characters, its own monsters, its own music and its own speakers. And one that somehow feels like Skyrim. For a better Skyrim if you ask me.

It’s all about this: You and your friend drive to Enderal as stowaways, that island where you want to find your happiness. But your life as a refugee will soon take a turn: the red madness afflicts Enderal’s residents, a disease that makes everyone lose their minds and become violent. The city of Ark, the center of Endralean culture, is huge: markets, the Temple of the Order, several taverns, apartment buildings and a second underground city, where beggars and roadless people languish.

Visit the capital Ark in Enderal - and try not to get lost!  (Image source: SureAI)
Visit the capital Ark in Enderal – and try not to get lost! (Image source: SureAI)

Problems, tasks and decisions are waiting for you, as well as the main quest, which pulls you deeper into its clutches hour after hour. There are also NPCs with whom you Friendships and even relationships can build: Similar to Dragon Age, you only have to give the right answers in conversation, but a little rhetoric also helps. Enderal is more difficult as Skyrim, more emotional and yet it has the freedom that allows you to play almost any built and wander around the world and curiously explore it.

All in all, Enderal felt so much like a better Skyrim that it’s no wonder I think of the mod now rather than the original game.

Enderal is already a few years old, but if you don’t know it yet – get to know it!

Am I a Skyrim traitor?

Is it okay to love Enderal more than Skyrim? After The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, I have waited year after year for games that manage to pull me into their fantastic world with just as much freedom. The fact that Enderal is pulling me off the role-playing stool has of course to do with the nostalgia I feel about Skyrim.

In addition, it is of course easier – even if it is still extremely difficult! – Years after Skyrim to create a game on the same engine that for some even surpasses its predecessor. And finally, I’m sure that not everyone will be that convinced of Enderal: It’s not as huge as Skyrim and there is even more talk in the mod than in the original. What to like.

By the way, there is now even one that has been critically acclaimed Fantasy book on Enderal: Dreams of the Dying.

If you miss Skyrim or Dragon Age, just play Enderal

– right away!

My recommendation to you: If you love Dragon Age, Mass Effect and Skyrim, don’t wait any longer and let Enderal kidnap you. The mod starts as a separate game with its own menu, just like the in-game world cannot be classified in The Elder Scrolls universe. Enderal is free, you only need to own Skyrim or Skyrim: Special Edition on Steam.

Get Enderal for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim on Steam.

Get Enderal for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Special Edition on Steam.

Enderal is not without its flaws, but it stands for me now on a par with Skyrim and the best BioWare RPGs. That modders, volunteers and the community have conjured up such a fantastic game is pretty impressive. And developer SureAI is already working on the next work – but where that will lead the players is still uncertain.