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At E3 this year, Bethesda didn't show anything about the Starfield science fiction role-playing game, and whether it will be an issue next year is also unclear. Engine problems are rumored to cause delays.

When will we learn more about Bethesda's science fiction role-playing game Starfield? It could take quite a while. Because maybe the game will not even be a topic at E3 2020. But why?

Development problems?

Rumors have surfaced that Starfield is currently experiencing problems with the engine. The system, like the engine loads cells, allegedly leads to massive FPS drops when vehicles are used. This should include space flight. In addition, according to an alleged insider, it should be of little help that several teams are involved in the game and that they are not in the same place. Communication is said to be suboptimal, which makes work on the game more difficult.

Starfield is arguably Bethesda's most important game in the near future. After the criticism of Fallout 76, the studio has to prove with the next game that it can develop games that the majority of the fan base will like straight away. It is currently not possible to say whether the rumors surrounding Starfield's problems are true. However, they would explain the long wait for new information.

Source: GameRant

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