Engineers get an auction house in Oribos

from Philipp Sattler
With the upcoming WoW expansion Shadowlands, our heroes will spend most of their time in their new pact sanctuary or the unofficial capital Oribos. You won't find an auction house there as well as in Boralus or Dazar'alor. Only engineers can find what they are looking for thanks to their robo auctioneers.

When we start our journey to the Shadow Lands, we are actually cut off from the real world of mortals. But because that would create some problems in a playful way, of course we have in WoW Shadowlands nevertheless the possibility to move back and forth via the portal and to visit the capital cities of our group. That is also necessary. Because similar to the bases of earlier extensions, for example Boralus, Dazar'alor or the Valley of the Eternal Flowers, Oribos does not have an ordinary auction house. So if you want to shop, you have to help yourself elsewhere.

WoW Shadowlands: Engineers get an auction house in Oribos (2)

WoW Shadowlands: Engineers get an auction house in Oribos (2)

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One possibility is to learn the engineering profession. Because like in the places mentioned above, we find a robo auctioneer in Oribos. However, this can only be used by engineers who have access to the Azeroth auction house. We still ask ourselves how the little robots can do this, but we just accept it. Incidentally, the engineering teacher is right next to the auctioneer. So if you don't have a job yet, you can learn engineering skills for a few gold pieces and have immediate access to AH. You don't need to make anything, nor do you need any particular level of engineering skill.
The second option is of course the AH Mount, the Mighty Caravan Brutosaurus. This also works in the Shadow Lands and gives you access to the auction house. However, with 5 million gold it is not particularly cheap to buy and also disappears from the retailer's offer with the pre-patch.

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