from Karsten Scholz
Another great content creator, Preach, is turning its back on World of Warcraft and Blizzard. Unlike MadSeason, Mike’s decision is a direct response to recent events surrounding Blizzard and Activision Blizzard.

We only recently had to report that the popular Youtuber MadSeason will no longer have videos related to World of Warcraft in the future will produce. The subscription has been canceled, other projects should now be the focus. The decision was made before the recent events related to Blizzard and Activision Blizzard. In addition to private reasons, it is above all the path that Blizzard has been taking with WoW for years and which also has a noticeably negative effect on Classic content (more precisely: WoW tokens, in-game shop, chargeable character boosts, deluxe editions with mounts and so on further).

However, it is precisely these recent events, sparked by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) indictment, that have made many more Youtubers and streamers ponder their relationship with Blizzard. The allegations of discrimination, sexual harassment and guilty of suicide by an employee are too blatant to simply dismiss. In addition, many are sure that in such a work environment – in general – no good games or – in particular – a significantly improved WoW can be created.

One of the largest content creators from the WoW retail ecosystem is now drawing the conclusions from this: The team at Preach Gaming will no longer be content about World of Warcraft apart from the community drama series and some legacy videos (buy now 14,99 €) produce, the WoW subscriptions from Mike and Co. will expire. Mike is also the one in this video the specific reasons for saying goodbye to World of Warcraft:

  • The current Blizzard lawsuit has brought the barrel overflowing and has made the team uncomfortable posting videos related to World of Warcraft to promote a company that has come to terms with such shocking allegations .
  • Even before that, WoW had developed in a direction that sooner or later would have to drive players like Mike out of Azeroth. Already in Battle for Azeroth, the team spent the entire expansion pointing out all the problems and construction sites, the half-finished and incomplete features and systems, with the hope that Blizzard would accept the feedback and get the curve.
  • However, that was not the case. In Shadowlands, the developers with Torghast and the Pacts once again present us with features that are not fully developed and cannot even come close to exploiting their full potential. Feedback from players continues to be reacted to too late. Blizzard’s promises were not kept (for example that after the launch of Shadowlands they would not introduce any new features / systems, but only want to gradually improve and expand the existing ones; splinters of domination, anyone ?!).
  • Preach has learned from internal circles that some developers at Blizzard cannot understand the criticism of the splinters of rule. “They’re like animal sets, and that’s what the players wanted!” The great thing about the tier sets for Preach is the transfer of the different class themes to the style of the armor sets, and the way in which the bonuses, in the best case scenario, affect the gameplay of the respective class. The splinters deliver none of this.
  • The splinters also show another problem: Even short tests on the PTR showed that the effects of the splinters (which are boring across the board) are completely unbalanced and that there are some effects that are far too strong. In combination with the chance factor, this system will cause a lot of frustration, as many testers were very sure of that very quickly. All of this was reported several times and still brought live by the developers. The fears came true, but Blizzard reacted far too late, weakening the splinters and slapping all the players in the face who were able to get their desired items over the frustrating weeks. Such examples show that Blizzard appreciates the time and feedback of the players to zero and that there is a lack of internal quality control that prevents such frustrating, fun-free systems in advance.
  • Mike also shows that things like this happen again and again, that the developers no longer care, that they no longer care, that they don’t care how their innovations go live. And if Blizzard no longer works with WoW with their hearts and they don’t care, why should the players still care about WoW and play it with great passion and time commitment?
  • Mike has always assumed that at some point he would quit WoW when the next big thing comes out that can dwarf WoW. Instead, the WoW developers have managed to throw the game against the wall in recent years. And with a view to the latest findings, it also seems unlikely that the damage can be repaired in the foreseeable future.

how do you see it? Have you been increasingly frustrated with WoW in the last few years or are you having fun in the Shadowlands? Do you think that Blizzard can release another strong WoW expansion like Legion in the coming years? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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