Epic Games assures Geforce Now support – game updates

of Andreas Bertits
Oddly enough, after the successful launch of Nvidia's streaming service Geforce Now, more and more publishers are withdrawing their titles. However, Epic Games has pledged support to Nvidia. They want to expand their cooperation in the future.

Geforce Now is currently one of the most interesting game streaming services and has had a very successful start recently. But shortly after the launch, Activision Blizzard pulled the games out of service. Bethesda followed and 2K Games no longer wants to offer titles through Geforce Now. However, Nvidia can be sure of Epic Games support.

Epic supports Geforce Now

"Epic wholeheartedly supports Nvidia's GeForce Now service with Fortnite and Epic Games Store titles that choose to participate (including exclusive titles) and we will improve integration over time," Epics Tim Sweeney said on Twitter. "It's the most developer-friendly and audience-friendly of the major streaming services, with no taxes on gaming revenue. Gaming companies that want to bring the gaming industry to a healthier state for everyone should support this type of service!"

Sweeney believes cloud streaming services will play a "key role in ending payment monopolies for iOS and Google Play and their 30 percent taxes" in the future.

Sweeney even believes that Google will "lobby for Apple later this year to block Stadia for iOS, while Google blocks GeForce NOW, xCloud, and Fortnite for Google Play."

Geforce Now allows you to connect the service and thus your purchased games to the cloud service via Steam and the Epic Games Store, so that you can basically play on tablets, smartphones and smart TVs.

Source: GamesRadar

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