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Epic Games should be more than satisfied with the result of the last investor round. A total of $ 1.78 billion has been invested in the company. This also increases the value of Epic Games to $ 17.3 billion. CEO and founder Tim Sweeney continues to hold a majority stake in the company.

Thanks to another round of financing, Epic Games was able to significantly increase the value of the company again. Additional funding of $ 1.78 billion was raised, according to the publisher. That puts Epic Games' worth at an impressive $ 17.3 billion. This time companies from all over the world have decided to invest.

This includes Sony, which with a payment of 250 million US dollars now has a small share of 1.4 percent in the publisher. As before, CEO and founder Tim Sweeney retains the majority in the company. This is followed by Tencent with a share of 40 percent. Already in Year 2012 the Chinese company decided to invest. Compared to Sony, Tencent received significantly more shares for a payment of $ 330 million at the time.

In recent years, Epic Games has been able to celebrate many successes, especially with Fortnite, the Unreal Engine and the Epic Games Store. For the coming year a new version of the graphics engine has now been announced with the Unreal Engine 5. But not only games rely on the engine – series like The Mandalorian also use the technology for their production. Within a year and a half, the Epic Games Store had an active user number of 61 million. Regular gifts – including, for example, Grand Theft Auto 5 – caused a massive rush.

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