The campaign starts on December 19, 2019 and then lasts twelve days on which Epic Games will give away games to its users – in addition to the offers at the holiday sale.

Like most other stores, Epic Games also runs a sale over the Christmas days and even donates. from From 19 to 31 December, in addition to the usual discounts on games, there are also some games for free for all users of the Epic Games Store,

However, Epic Games has not yet revealed exactly what will happen during the campaign. The tweet just says “12 days of free games”, that may mean there is one every day, or a number of games that are available for free for twelve days. What games are involved is as little known as their number. The only certainty is the period mentioned and the fact that these games are once yours forever in your library.

Perhaps with a good offer, one of these games is also worth a look:

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The winter sale at GOG runs from December 11th to January 2nd, while Steam starts on December 19th. Do you use such sales to process your list of games that interest you? Don't you care which store the offer comes from?