Good news for hunters of success! The Epic Games Store is finally following suit and introducing an achievement system based on your EP.

Epic Games

Epic Games: How does it all work?

Other platforms like Steam have had it for a long time – a way to collect achievements. Epic Games is now following suit and has announced a new feature on the official blog.

That will be introduced Epic Achievement System, including a number of new developer toolsto activate platform achievements quickly and easily. So from next week you can start collecting XP by successfully completing certain challenges in selected games.

At first you stand for it unter anderem Rocket League, Hades, Pillars of Eternity, Humankind, Zombie Army 4, Defense Grid and more games available. You can see which successes you can secure yourself on the respective product page at Epic Games. You can of course also track your progress – you can find it in your personal library.

Also this week Epic Games is giving you another game for free:

Epic Achievements sind divided into four levels, which give you different amounts of XP, with platinum itself being a one-time reward for reaching 1000 XP in a game – similar to the Sony trophy system on the PlayStation:

  • Bronze = 5-45 EP
  • Silber = 50-95 EP
  • Gold = 100-200 EP
  • Platin = 250 EP

What happens to the developer successes?

About a year ago, Epic Games introduced tools for developers that are managed exclusively by them. These successes will continue to exist. So if you’ve already worked out some, don’t worry. When a game that previously used developer achievements integrates the new Epic Achievements system, the progress will be transferred and you will automatically receive Account XP.

(Bild: Screenshot@Epic Games)

(Those: Epic Games Blog)

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