Epic Games is investing $ 15 million in Manticore's "core" platform

With the $ 15 million, which Epic Games invested in Manticore Games, the interesting core platform is to be further developed in the direction of an endless gaming multiverse.

Develop your own games

"Core is very impressive," said Adam Sussman, president of Epic Games. "At Epic, we believe the industry is ultimately heading for games that are becoming more open platforms for developers to build their own worlds on. The Unreal-built Core exemplifies that future and goes one step further by giving everyone the opportunity offers to create great multiplayer games as well as a Metaverse playground where players can discover endless entertainment. "

Core offers players the opportunity to develop and publish their own games themselves. This works quite simply thanks to the easy-to-use tools and the platform. Core started Alpha in March of this year and there are already a lot of games from the areas of RPG, Adventure, MMO, Survival, Shooter, Merge-Three, puzzle games, music games and much more.

"We are thrilled with Epic's support for Manticore's vision and the core platform," said Frederic Descamps, co-founder and CEO of Manticore Games. "We admire Epic's leadership in empowering our industry through technology, and we feel very aligned in a future vision for a user-generated multiverse: we're leading a complete democratization of the landscape in the way games are made and played, and even who makes and plays those games. Core represents a drastic paradigm shift in user-generated games, reminiscent of how YouTube or Twitch completely changed expectations and economies for video and streaming; the difference is that core users already have high quality games can produce and play in a connected multiverse. "

Manticore Games recently launched a Dungeons & Dragons Design-A-Dungeon competition that has released more than 150 games. You can see the title on the Core website look at.

Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic Games, recently said: "Core is great. I think it just goes to show that no company in the entire industry is going to figure it all out for itself. All must work together and build on each other's efforts to really get to where we need to be. I'm super happy to see that. "

If you have your own ideas for games, you can of course try to implement them with Core.

Source: press release

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