New free game in the Epic Games Store starting this afternoon: Epic Games is also unlocking a new free game in its PC games client this early evening. From 5 p.m., the adventure 3 out of 10: Season Two will be available for all members to download for free. You then load the game into your library for a total of seven days. Then you download the game as often as you like and play it whenever you want. Until then, Tales of the Neon Sea is currently still available for free download.

The bizarre adventure 3 out of 10: Season 2 offer you a kind of cartoon look. You slip into the role of the supposedly worst game developer and plan a new – finally really good – video game. The aim is to get a rating better than 3 out of 10. The game develops as a playable sitcom in which you intervene using replays including rewinding or skipping and thus influencing the scenes. There are also wacky mini-games such as rocket attacks on opponents, boxing matches or car trips.

Until April 15th, you can upload the wacky game to your game library in the Epic Games Launcher. In contrast to the PlayStation Store or Xbox Live, you do not need a paid membership in the Fortnite developers’ client. You simply create a free account, download the launcher and add new games to your library every week. From 5 p.m. today we will find out which free game will be available for download in the coming week from April 15, 2021.



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