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The Epic Games Store has also prepared a free PC game for this week. Members of the download platform will receive another full version for free today. The free PC game will be activated at 5 p.m. However, there is a peculiarity this time: Unlike in the previous weeks, the Epic Games Store is making the free full version a secret this week. The platform only announces a "mystery game" – a countdown counts down the hours until it is activated. At 5 p.m. we learn which PC game is hidden behind the teaser. Recently there were rumors about GTA 5 free.

Update: The Epic Games Store is currently offline: Die Responsible people report server problems. Apparently the servers could not withstand the high load. Many players apparently tried to log in to the site at 5 p.m. The launcher is also offline and shows a gateway error (504). It has now been confirmed that the Epic Games Store is giving away the full version of GTA 5.

Original message: In the Epic Games Store today has another free PC game ready. The download platform is giving away an additional full version to all members. The activation takes place at 5 p.m. In contrast to the previous weeks, there is a special feature this time: the store does not mention which PC game is available for free download today. Instead, Epic just published a teaser picture for a "mystery game". A countdown counts down the hours until activation at 5 p.m. Recently there were rumors of one Free version of GTA 5. We only get specific details this afternoon.

So it should be worth visiting the Epic Games Store this afternoon. After activation, you have a week to link the game to your account for free. You can keep the title permanently. It remains to be seen whether the download platform will keep the upcoming free games secret until the release. Previously, the publisher had always revealed the new free games for the next week seven days in advance.

By the way, you will get until the release of the "Mystery Game" Access to death coming. The epic game store had given away the puzzle game to members last week. One thing is certain: In 2020, the platform wants to distribute at least one PC game for free every seven days. Last year, the weekly free promotions made it possible to create a remarkable game collection in the Epic Games Store.

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The Epic Games Store is giving away GTA 5. So the rumors about the next free game have been confirmed. The store is currently offline. Epic Games Store is said to have confirmed GTA 5: Rumors of a new free game are increasing

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The Epic Games Store is giving away a PC game for free again this week. Will Grand Theft Auto 5 be free tomorrow?

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