Epic Games Store finally with wish lists

of Karsten Scholz
On the official website of Epic Games, those responsible for their online store have announced that a feature has finally been added that should have been standard from the start: the wishlists are there! In the future, these will be expanded to include filter functions and email notifications.

In December 2018, the Epic Games Store launched to offer exclusive offers, attractive framework conditions for developer studios and monthly bargains in record time to become a serious competitor of Steam and Co.

However, what was missing from the Epic Games Store in the past 15 months was a feature that should normally be part of the standard of such a virtual shop. But the people in charge at Epic have finally put things right and at official website announced: the wishlists are there!

From now on you can go to the product website of a game on the store's website or directly in the Epic Games launcher to add it to your wish list. You do this via the new heart symbol with the tooltip "Add to wish list". So you now have the opportunity to save interesting games for you on a separate page to wait for the release, a good offer or just for the right moment to buy. Later, filter functions and automatic email notifications will expand the wish list.

You can find your wish list in the launcher in the left navigation under Vouchers. On the website you move the mouse over your profile name in the top navigation, which reveals the options menu. Here, too, "Wish List" is under "Vouchers".

What other features should Epic also give the store? Let us know in the comments!

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