The Epic Games Store has put together a game gift for this week as well. Users of the Download-Plattform get another full PC version for free this afternoon. This time you get Tales of the Neon Sea for free. The activation takes place at the usual time at 5 p.m. You then have the opportunity for a week to link the detective adventure to your game library for free. Once you’ve done that, you can keep Tales of the Neon Sea permanently and play as often as you like.

You can find out what to expect at Tales of the Neon Sea in our preview video below. In the clip we introduce you to the detective adventure in more detail – and reveal what makes it so special. You can read more details in our test. Lots of puzzles, an interesting setting, a detailed look and coherent sound effects await you. However, the last half of the game is too heavily puzzled. Points are also deducted for an unsatisfactory ending.

Until Tales of the Neon Sea is activated, you will still have access to the free game that the Epic Games Store distributed last week: Creature in the Well. We’ll find out which free full version will follow next week when Tales of the Neon Sea is released this afternoon. In 2021, the Epic Games Store plans to give away at least one PC game every seven days.

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