The Epic Games Store is also putting together a game gift for the coming week. As the download platform announces on its website, the full PC versions of Elite Dangerous and The World Next Door will be available for free download next Thursday. Users then have a week to link the two full versions to their profiles. If you do this by November 26th, you can play both games without restrictions – they are yours forever.

You can get impressions from the next free PC games in the Epic Games Store in the videos that we have included below. Check out our big one too Elite Dangerous review past. Until the release of the new free PC games on November 19th, you will have access to the latest PC game that the Epic Games Store is distributing this week. You've been getting them since 5 p.m. Full version of The Textorcist for free via the download platform. Here, too, you have seven days to connect the game to your account.

The only requirement is an account with the Epic Games Store in order to use the free games. The platform plans to give away at least one PC game every seven days by the end of the year. The Epic Games Store has not yet announced whether the distribution campaign will continue in 2021. Recently, the publisher was able to record a sharp increase in user numbers. This was not least due to strong free games like GTA 5, Ark: Survival Evolved and Civilization 6.

Elite Dangerous: Trailer for the free launch of Horizons

Via Epic Games Store

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