Of the Epic Games Store names the next full version of the gamethat users can download for free. As the store announces in the launcher and on its website, the full version of Surviving Mars will be available as a free download in the coming week. Players who the Distribution in October 2019 missed, will receive another opportunity to link the building game to their account in the Epic Games Store in the next week. Surviving Mars will be available as a free download on March 11th. You can then link the title to your profile within seven days.

Once you've done that, you can keep Surviving Mars permanently using the Epic Games Launcher and play as often as you like. In order to prepare you for the activation next Thursday, we have created a small preview that contains not only details about the game but also a number of gameplay scenes. The clip starts after just one click on the following stream. Take a look at ours too Surviving Mars test. In it you can read many more details about the building game.

In the review, for example, we praise a complex structure, a playful depth, an extensive research tree and a diverse sandbox. However, points are deducted for the lack of a campaign and a multiplayer mode. Until the new free full version is activated, you will still receive Wargame: Red Dragon, which the Epic Games Store has been distributing to its members since Thursday. This year, too, there should be at least one free PC game every seven days.

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