We’re taking a look at the upcoming free games in the Epic Games Store: In our preview video, which is included below, you will find information and gameplay scenes on the next full versions, which can be sunk for free on the Epic Games download platform. Starting next Thursday, the two PC games Mothergunship and Train Sim World 2 will be available for free download. You will then have time from July 29th to August 5th to link the titles to your game library for free. Then you can keep the games permanently and play as often as you like.

In Train Sim World 2, a train simulation is waiting for you. Here you go to the driver’s cab and move, among other things, heavy goods transports or fast ICEs over the tracks. For example, new HUD displays show you gradient and speed profiles while you observe braking behavior and the on-board safety systems. There are also new camera and driving modes as well as a new control concept.

Epic Games Store | These free games are waiting for you on July 29th!

Mothergunship, on the other hand, is much more action-packed: Here you shoot your way through a number of areas, fight against an alien robot armada and huge bosses and recapture the earth. For this you have real weapon monstrosities to choose from, which you can adjust as you wish. Until the release of the next free games on July 29th, you will still receive the two PC games that the Epic Games Store has been distributing for free since yesterday: Verdun and Defense Grid: The Awakening. On July 29th we will find out which full versions will be given away on August 5th.

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