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The Epic Games Store releases the new free full game versions for download. The platform has a surprise in store: In addition to Figment and Torment X Punisher, Epic Games is also giving away World War Z this week. The PC games can be linked to your account free of charge until April 2. Then the offer changes. Next week, Gone Home and Hob will be followed by two more free games in the Epic Games Store.

in the Epic Games Store are the new free games for this week. Members can look forward to a surprise: In addition to Figment and Tormentor X Punisher, the download platform is giving away another PC game. World War Z can now also be downloaded free of charge. So the store is distributing three free games this week. In our Test on World War Z read all information about the new free PC game in the Epic Games Store. The store had initially not announced that the co-op shooter would be distributed free of charge this week.

You have until April 2nd to download the three full versions for free. If you have linked the games to your profile within the campaign period, you will then have permanent access to the PC games. The offer changes on April 2. It is now clear which full version of the Epic Games Store will distribute to its members in the coming week. Players will then have free access to Gone Home and Hob for a week.

In our Gone Home test you read all the details about the game. A pleasantly old-fashioned setting and a credible, soulfully told story await you. In turn, Hob shines with a nested level design, umpteen paths and secrets as well as a motivating search for hidden upgrades. We have videos of the two upcoming free games in the Epic Games Store below. In 2020, too, the download platform wants to distribute at least one PC game for free every seven days.

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