"As an industry, we have to ask ourselves whether we want to be like Las Vegas, with gaming machines, or do we want to be respected as developers of products that customers can trust?" Tim Sweeney, boss of Epic Games has given his opinion at the event DICE Summit Lootboxes and the current game industry.

Lootboxing and politics in games

"We should be very cautious about creating an experience where spending can be influenced by spending," said Sweeney. "Lootboxes play with all the mechanisms of gambling, except for the possibility of getting more money in the end." And it is precisely this exception that is currently a loophole for loot boxes when it comes to gambling. Because, according to some laws, you have to be able to win money from gambling.

For Sweeney, these business practices are hostile to customers. These services would benefit from harming customers by attracting them with a free model and then asking for money and violating privacy and freedoms.

Then he shared his opinion about politics in games. "The world is really messed up right now. Our political orientations are determining which fast food restaurant to go to right now. And that's really stupid," he said. "There's no reason to include such divisive topics in games at all."

However, he clarified this statement again later. He doesn't mean that politics has no place in games, just that it should be inserted by those who work creatively on games. Marketing would become more and more involved in the development of games, through which these people spread their political views in the products, but it should be the creative minds who make games.

"My primary concern is inappropriate business influence that is not limited by established principles and values, especially when companies operate ecosystems in which gamers and developers express their views," he said on Twitter.

Source: PCGamer

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