More information from the legal battle between Epic and Apple! Epic Games has probably tried in the past to bring first-party titles from other manufacturers to their Epic Games Store. The document mentions Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. The former were offered “$ 200 million MG +” for four to six titles. MG here most likely stands for “Minimum Guarantee”, much like the minimum guarantee that Epic does for the Exclusive rights to Borderlands 3 paid. They had not yet received an answer at this point. So far, two Sony branded titles have been available exclusively from the Epic Games Store for a period of time. ReadySet Heroes currently retains its exclusivity, but Predator: Hunting Grounds has been recently released on Steam. Sony is meanwhile also officially on Steam and Days Gone will be released for the Epic Games Store and Steam at the same time.

As for Microsoft, it emerges that the PC Game Pass leader is averse to the idea. Microsoft sees Epic as a direct competitor when it comes to acquiring video games. Allegedly, Phil Spencer is said to meet occasionally with Valve President Gabe Newell. Newell started his career at Microsoft, so these meetings could be purely amicable.

Epic has not yet started talks with Nintendo as they do not have high hopes for success. The company calls it a “moonshot”, an almost impossible goal, and refers to the history of Nintendo.

The information comes from a document that has since been deleted, which is why a certain degree of caution is of course required. However, this is not the first document that has been incorrectly published.

It is not yet known whether Epic Games will continue to attempt to acquire the first-party games from these manufacturers. True to the motto “It costs nothing to ask”, this is not unlikely.

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