Epic shows popular Hollywood movies for free

Movie Nite is in Fortnite on Friday, June 26th. Epic Games is showing an entire movie by Christopher Nolan as an in-game event. For German viewers, it is a prestige master of magic.


Fortnite wants to show what kind of platform video games can be. The movie night is not the first major live event within the game, a few weeks ago rapper Travis Scott shook the island of Party Royale mode and millions watched it.

How well the Movie Nite will be received will change on June 26th demonstrate. There, Epic Games presents one of three Christopher Nolan films, depending on the country. The Hollywood strips will then be fully experienced in the game. In Germany it's about 3:00 p.m. going to see us there Prestige – master of magic. Inception and Batman Begins can be seen in other countries.

Prestige is admittedly one of the more unknown Nolan films. However, it is with top-class actors. Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Scarlett Johansson, Rebecca Hall, Andy Serkis and David Bowie all performed in the novel adaptation of "The Cabinet of Magicians" (Christopher Priest).

Prestige has a 8.5 rating on imdb, and the film can also 2 Oscar nominations Show (best camera and best scene). If you missed the film in 2007 in the cinema, this would be your chance to catch up as a Fortnite event. It is not in vain for nothing the top 50 of the top rated films on imdb.

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As in real cinema, it's the same with the Movie Nite not allowed to stream or record the event or film. You can get all the information bundled again on the official website. If the cinema evening is well received, such events may be part of the game in the future.

What do you think of such in-game events? A great extension for the medium of video games or don't films belong there? Write your opinion in the comments.

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