With The Fall, Epic Games has introduced the next free game that you can get for one week for free in the Epic Games Store.

A dark adventure in a strange world

Start is March 18th at 5 p.m. Then you simply add The Fall to your library and you can play the action game for free as long and as often as you want. On Thursday, March 25th, there will be a new game, the The Fall replaced. In the action game you take on the role of ARID, an AI in a high-tech combat suit. After a crash on a strange planet, ARID takes control of the suit because the pilot is unconscious in it. You go in search of medical help and explore the eerie alien world.

The adventure consists of side-scrolling action garnished with puzzles and adventure elements. All of this tells a dark story in the course of which you will find out the truth about this planet. You always need to think carefully about what step to take next. You should always treat with caution what you find during your journey. If the going gets tough, then you have to pick up your weapon. Your job is to protect the pilot in all circumstances. Above all, The Fall wants to convince with the atmosphere and the story.

Before you can get The Fall from the Epic Games Store on March 18th, you will have a week of free access to the survival Mars game. Epic Games gives you a new game every week. So it's worth keeping an eye on the store if you find something you don't already own.

Source: Epic Games Store


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