And again you can download a new free game, provided you have an account with Epic Games and use the Epic Games Store. This time you plunge into the adventure of Night in the Woods.

An unusual adventure as a new free game

Mae Borowski has dropped out of college and is returning to her hometown, where she wants to resume old relationships. But Possum Springs has changed. Your friends will grow up and live their own lives. And something strange happens the darker autumn gets. You slip into the role of Mae in Night in the Woods and try to find out what is going on in Possum Springs. To do this, you explore the city and the adjacent forest, talk to NPCs and let yourself be involved in an exciting story. The special thing about the game: The residents of Possum Springs and Mae are animals. Night in the Woods can convince with a dense atmosphere, which is supported by the excellent soundtrack.

If you want to experience this unusual adventure, then you have 24 hours for it. You can download it free of charge until December 28th at 5 p.m. Then there is another free game. Since the leak of the free titles in the Epic Games Store has so far proven to be correct, it would then have to be the survival game Stranded Deep.

You can also get a bargain or two in the Epic Games Store's Christmas sale until January 7th. Maybe you've found a little money under the Christmas tree and want to spend it on a good game. Then take a look at the offer.

Source: Epic Games Store

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Another free game will be available for download from the Epic Games Store until this afternoon at 5:00 p.m. Get Tropico 5 for free from the Epic Games Store today.

Epic Store: The new free game is available for download

With Tropico 5 you can now download a new free game from the Epic Games Store.

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