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The last free game of the Christmas promotion from Epic Games is now available for download. You can get Jurassic World Evolution for free through the Epic Games Store until January 7th at 5pm.

A journey back in time

In the simulation, the dinosaurs are in the foreground. Breeding them, observing them, treating them, and protecting them from tropical storms and broken cousins ​​is the main task in the game. You are also building a zoo, where you can present your majestic prehistoric creatures to the numerous visitors. However, the game does not come entirely without a management aspect. For example, you decide whether your park is more focused on entertainment, safety, or science. Each of the three departments rewards you for completing missions with various bonuses and money. However, if your reputation increases with one faction, it decreases with the other.

The Jurassic World Evolution dinosaur simulation is free until January 7th at 5pm in the Epic Games Store. Simply add the title to your games library and then play it when and for how long you want. On January 7th, the free game will switch to Crying Suns.

There is also until January 7th at the Holiday promotion Discounts on various titles in the Epic Games Store that you may still be missing in your collection.

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Epic Store: You can now download the new free game

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