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After Epic Games demonstrated the new Unreal Engine 5 on Playstation 5, CEO Tim Sweeney still has living words for the new console from Sony. According to him, it is a remarkably balanced device.

Like next-gen gameplay on the Playstation 5 Epic Games demonstrated with the presentation of Unreal Engine 5. Epics CEO Tim Sweeney is generally very enthusiastic about the new console.

Tim Sweeney and the PS5

According to Sweeney, the PS5 is a remarkably balanced device. He particularly emphasizes the console's special SSD storage: "The storage architecture on the PS5 is above all what you can currently buy on a PC for any amount of money. This will help power future PCs. (The PC market) will see this thing and say, oh wow, SSDs have to catch up. "

Sweeney continues: "The storage system from Sony is absolutely world class. Not only the best in class on the console, but also the best on every platform. Better than a high-end PC. The world of loading screens is over. The days of objects, that pop up while going through game environments are over. "

He explains how fantastic it is, thanks to the memory architecture, that a console can basically render a world over ten gigabytes in size instantly. This makes it even more interesting to see real games on Playstation 5. It is not yet clear when the time will come. However, the new console is still expected to be available at the end of the year.

Source: WCCFTech

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