Ergonomic PS4 controller from Nacon at the best price – deal of the day

Alternative to the PS4 controller: The Nacon Asymmetric Wireless Controller is now available at Saturn at the best price and costs there currently 44.99 euros,

No, I'm not going to break any flame wares here whether the Xbox One is just better than the PS4 controller or not. The fact is, however, that some passionate gamers like to have the analog stick over the control pad instead of under it. As with the Xbox One or Switch Pro controller, this is also called an asymmetrical layout. After all, the stick is used more often, so such a controller is more ergonomic. That means: more pleasant. This option is not available for Sony's in-house DualShock 4 controller. So you have to resort to alternatives from other manufacturers.

Thumb stick up: PS4 controller with asymmetrical layout

The company Nacon has been making a name for itself with clever controller concepts and rock-solid devices for several years now. At GIGA, we found the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro to be good in the test. This controller is of course quite expensive. A cheaper version is the officially licensed Sony Nacon PS4 Asymmetric Wireless Controller.

The Nacon controller works wirelessly, you have to plug the supplied Bluetooth receiver into the console. This also ensures the transfer of sound from the headset on the controller to the console. Vibration function and a touchpad are integrated as in the original controller. The surface of the controller is roughened, the analog sticks have a trough profile, which ensures particularly precise control. An approximately 80 cm long charging cable is included in the scope of delivery, the maximum playing time when fully charged is 7 hours according to the manufacturer.

The disadvantage is the lack of possibility to start the PS4 via the controller and a loudspeaker is not integrated in the controller – this should be bearable for most, especially as a great advantage with regard to the better layout. PC players can also use the controller thanks to Xinput support.

The controller is available over the weekend at Saturn for 44.99 euros (free shipping) – and therefore at the current best price. In most other shops, the controller costs 55 euros including shipping and more – see idealo,

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