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In WoW Classic you can look forward to the introduction of the battlefields as well as elemental invasions since December 10th. These are an excellent way to get to essences, which are elementary (ha!) In the endgame for some crafting recipe.

With the update of December 10th in WoW Classic (buy now for 12,99 €) There are some new features for adventurers in the Azeroth of yesteryear. Above all, the introduction of the battlefields on which we are allowed to make each other's life in PvP is discussed in detail. But there is another content that you should keep in mind: elemental invasions.

More about Elemental Invasions in WoW Classic: You have to know that about the attack of the elements

These events also attract with other rewards, but above all are ideal for getting to essences. By that we do not mean the Azerit essences from BfA, but the ingredients of many Classic recipes in the Endgame. Those who want to survive can not avoid these.

So you come through elemental invasions of the essences

You receive essences from the companions of the corresponding leaders of the invasions. For example, you meet in Silithus Swirling intruders, in Winterspring, on the other hand Watery invaders, To make the invasions as lucrative as possible, you let the leaders alive, because the attacks last longer. Here are the drop locations for each essence (via wowhead):

Items that you can make using essences include, for example the robes of the Archmage, of the Hyperbola Flame Reflector and the mongoose boots,

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