Eve Online breaks two Guinness records with Mega Battle

In a press release, those responsible at Eve Online announced that the online role-playing game could secure two Guinness world records. The starting point for the records was the so-called "Riot at FWST-8", a 14-hour battle between two of the largest player coalitions. The goal: territorial supremacy.

Overall have 8,825 players With 11,258 characters out 114 alliances participated in "Riots at FWST-8". The battle lasted 14 hours and broke the previous GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the "biggest multiplayer PvP battle in a video game" with 7,548 players. The climax of Riots at FWST-8 was a period in which 6,557 participants were involved in the fighting at the same time, which exceeds the previous GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the "most participants simultaneously in a multiplayer PvP fight in a video game" of 6,142 participants. It was already Eve Online in 2014 and 2018 (buy now 29.95 € ) succeeded in providing a stage for comparably impressive battles and breaking records.

"EVE Online is by no means unknown when it comes to gigantic battles. Every time a major battle takes place or our community gathers for something, it is an impressive sight.", says Hilmar V. Pétursson, CEO at CCP Games. "CCP created EVE Online, but it is our community that built the universe of New Eden. Their ingenuity has created the amazing logistics networks – both in-game and in real life – that support such a large number of ships Our players deserve credit for making this record-breaking achievement possible. Your support and dedication are what make EVE Online the game it is today. "

Since July of this year there has been a huge conflict between the alliances in Eve Online, which has been nicknamed "World War Bee 2". More than 130,000 players battle for territories in the game and control. "World War Bee 2" is the third universal war since the game was released in 2003. "Riot at FWST-8" was just one of many battles in this war and was the attempt by the PAPI coalition to create a Keepstar To build a bridgehead citadel in the Delve region, which would have enabled PAPI to use their forces from Supercapital-class spaceships to advance deeper into the territory of the Empire Coalition. To prevent exactly that, the Empire fought long and hard to destroy the Keepstar and push back the PAPI. As a result, 6,746 ships and the Keepstar Citadel were destroyed, and 362 Capital-class ships were lost on the battlefield. A total of 1.443 trillion ISK (game currency) worth of material was lost in that battle, equivalent to $ 18,712, of which ISK 705 billion worth $ 9,148 was completely destroyed.

The lead screenshot by Andreas Jones aka Razorien shows the mega battle. You can find more impressive pictures on his Flickr account:


You can also find a video on the YouTube channel Eve Online that deals with the conflict in more detail:

By the way, if you want to take part in such impressive battles, you can Eve Online download for free. Current information about the game is available at EVE Updates.

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