Even Google is shocked: Stadia developer causes Shitstorm

The head of a studio at Google Stadia received so much criticism with a tweet that Google was forced to contradict the statements.

Alex Hutchinson is the creative director of Typhoon Studios, which were acquired by Google last year to develop Stadia games. Hutchinson was heavily criticized for a tweet and Google itself had to distance itself from the developer's statements.

In a tweet he stated that Streamers on YouTube or Twitch should pay license fees to developersbecause they use their games to produce their content. He expressed this idea after a message that Twitch asked many streamers to delete clips and videos with unlicensed music.

The reactions to the tweet were almost entirely negative.

Across from 9to5google said a spokesman for the group:

"Recent tweets from Alex Hutchinson, Creative Director of the Montreal Studio of Stadia Games and Entertainment, do not reflect the views of Stadia, YouTube and Google."

The problem is that the producer (Hutchinson) for the Google product Stadia, completely questions the concept of the Google product YouTube Gaming. Ryan Wyatt, responsible for YouTube Gaming, contradicted the statements in a separate tweet:

With the "Symbiotic relationship" Wyatt believes the marketing potential of video games if big streamers embrace them. Basically, of course, the entire YouTube Gaming product only works with the streamers and making life difficult for them through licenses is not in the interests of Google.

Daniel Hartmann
Daniel Hartmann, GIGA expert for FPS, esports, streaming culture and Mass Effect.

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