With the Xbox Series X, Microsoft has a potent console up its sleeve, which in terms of hardware can even outperform Sony's PS5 in some points. But even Microsoft's new flagship does not compete against another competitor – after all, it comes from in-house.

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series S: Cheap console in some players faster than the Series X

With the Xbox Series S, Microsoft offers potential customers an inexpensive alternative to the expensive Series X. But the “price tip” console is not only cheaper and smaller than its big brother, but actually faster in some games – this confirmed Xbox boss Phil Spencer in an interview with Kotaku.

Spencer is referring to the loading times of the two consoles. Here the Series S actually has the edge in some games. But how does the console manage to overtake the Series X despite the scaled-down hardware? This is mainly due to the significantly lower resolution textures that are loaded from the Series S version. Since these are smaller, they can be loaded faster from the SSD. However, according to Spencer, players don't have to worry about the textures on the Series S looking visibly worse.

The smallest next-gen console in the trailer – the Xbox Series S:

What is not clear from the interview: How big is the speed difference in the games in which the Xbox Series S is ahead? This question remains unanswered. However, the difference should be quite marginal.

Xbox Series S vs. Series X: This is what distinguishes the two consoles

While the Xbox Series X costs a proud 499 euros, Microsoft only charges 299 euros for the Series S. The inexpensive Xbox has a 512 GB SSD and does not have an optical drive. Games can only be purchased digitally.

A big workhorse for Microsoft is the Xbox Game Pass. We'll tell you that the subscription service will change your life as a player:

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Otherwise, the Xbox Series S offers almost all of the functions that the Series X offers. These include VRR, up to 120 FPS in selected games, quick resume and playback of video media in full 4K resolution. Only games are not natively calculated in 4K. That could make the Xbox Series S the real highlight of the next generation of consoles.

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