Although Microsoft and Sony are tough console rivals, both companies allow their competitors every success. A controversial exclusive game for the PS4 was also very well received by Microsoft, as an internal document now proves.

The Last Of Us 2

The Last of Us 2: The Xbox team loved it too

Both Sony and Microsoft had some interesting exclusive titles to offer in the last generation of consoles. The Xbox could score with Forza and Halo, Sony held against it with games like Uncharted 4, God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

However, one PS4 game trumped all the others and caused a solid controversy: The Last of Us 2. The third-person shooter from Naughty Dog split the player base and left a lot of scorched earth on the fans. The critics, on the other hand, were almost completely enthusiastic, the current Metascore is 93 percent.

But not only the press considered The Last of Us 2 a real masterpiece, also Sony’s strongest competitor Microsoft was very excited about the gameas an internal test report from the Xbox team shows. Beware, the text contains some spoilers:

  • A small spoiler-free excerpt from the review:

“Not every game design can support the level of visual detail it produces. And not every team has the money or the talent to produce it, but this game sets a new bar for what we should hope to achieve in the next generation of consoles. “

to offer

The story of The Last of Us 2 let the emotions of the players boil over – the story trailer already gave an idea of ​​this:

The Last of Us 2: Great story, great graphics, bad gunplay

The review team explains in the text what they particularly like about the game – but negative aspects are also addressed. While the strongly narrative sequences are described as “exceptionally well done”, is rated the game’s shooter system as inadequate.

Especially in terms of graphics, The Last of Us 2 sets new standards according to the review, and also the controversial story of the PS4 hit is well received by the Xbox team. The testers admit that every player has a right to their subjective opinion, the story that Naughty Dog wanted to tell, but was conveyed incredibly well in terms of craftsmanship.

Absolute must-haves for the PlayStation 4:

Even Sony’s biggest rival, Microsoft, is more than impressed with The Last of Us 2. So maybe Team Xbox will also be looking to bring similar games to next-gen consoles in the future – gamers would definitely be excited about that.