Event madness! Yet again! You had everything under control!

The topic is probably already up to the Pokémon Go fans among you: my complaints about the glut of events in Pokémon Go. Actually, I thought the developers at Niantic had gotten the curve. One event is currently active, maybe spiced up with a Community Day, but that's about it. In my opinion, everything went smoothly over the past few months. But for the announcement of the Go Beyond update, the creators of Pokémon Go felt compelled to knock something out quickly. This means that, especially in the days leading up to December 2020, all kinds of activities are active in the game, some of which override each other.

The friendship event is currently active until November 30, 2020. It's okay, because it only ensures that friendships develop faster and that there is a little more XP. The double catch bonus is also perfectly fine. But one of the most superfluous events of all time is still running until November 23, 2020 at 10:00 p.m.: the Pokémon Home event. Content: Lots of pocket monsters appear in the wilderness and in raids that interest me as a mess. Meanwhile, there is also the Magmar Community Day on November 21, 2020. The problem for me is this: the home event overwrites interesting spawns. And Community Day then overwrites the home spawns for its duration. Because too many events are active at the same time and are trying to get my attention. Let's ignore the fact that they only elicit a tired yawn from me.

The same overwriting phenomenon will then also apply to the Lake Legende Event and the Limited Research on Nidoran: The Lake Legende Event starts on November 24th (yes, there is hardly any time to do a few normal spawns again between events and take a deep breath) and will be active until November 30th, while the Limited Research with Nidoran will overwrite the (also uninteresting) lake spawns on November 28th.

My problem: Too many events that are also pretty uninteresting. Now that the people at Niantic have been experimenting with temporary research for months and have given me enough tasks to solve on the side, neither the Home nor the Lake Legend events offer me any interesting extras. Yes, the Home Event has Limited Research, and it has done so with the most irrelevant rewards imaginable in a long time. It seems to me that both events were knitted together with a hot needle so that for God's sake we wouldn't have to go without one until the start of Go Beyond and the first season of festivities. Or so that players somehow still have an unfounded opportunity to get hold of Bibor mega energies. Community Day and Limited Research are enough! Sometimes less is more, the Pokémon inventors at Niantic should write that behind their ears.

Give us the chance to clean up our Pokébox for the 6th generation and the Kalos-Mon ​​before the groundbreaking December adjustments. Sort our items. Dust off a few Pokécoins here and there. And give us the chance to just look forward to what's coming our way in December 2020. We really don't need an everlasting frenzy of events. Okay, at least not me.

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