Everspace 2: Early Access has started

In May 2017, the Hamburg-based studio Rockfish Games was able to participate Everspace (under test) publish a SciFi pearl that thrilled fans with the fantastic graphics, the gripping arcade action and the motivating roguelike system. In October 2019, the developers started the Kickstarter campaign for the successor. The goal: 450,000 euros. This time there should be an open world. More RPG elements. More loot. A gripping story. In the end, a little over 503,000 euros were raised. An important milestone for the development of the space shooter.

Yesterday, January 18, 2021, the Hamburg-based company was able to celebrate the next milestone before the launch: the Start of the early access phase on Steam. This version of Everspace 2 costs 37.99 euros. In a post, the developers explained what content you can already expect:

"For the time being, EVERSPACE 2 starts in Early Access only in English with professional speech output for the first 12+ hours of the story campaign and several side missions that take place in the first two star systems of the final game. This version offers at least 25 hours of fun and guides pilots into the core game mechanics of EVERSPACE 2: space combat, exploration, mining, puzzle solving, travel, shopping, itemization, crafting, ship customization, player and companion perks as well as five different player ship subclasses.

The game supports fully customizable controls for mouse + keyboard, gamepad and HOTAS / HOSAS, including presets for common Logitech and Thrustmaster joysticks. "

Everspace 2: Explosive trailer heralds the early access phase

Until the release, not only more fine-tuning should come into play and the performance optimized, there are also many other features planned.

"During the Early Access phase, we will revise the core game mechanics, the UI / UX, as well as the world design and general game performance on a monthly basis. New functions and content will be added gradually through quarterly updates:

  • More star systems, locations, opponents, activities etc. (8 star systems planned for v1.0)
  • Further subclasses and ranks for player ships (9 subclasses with 4 ranks each planned for v1.0)
  • More options for ship customization
  • Further player levels (max.player level 30 planned for v1.0)
  • Other items and resources including legendary equipment
  • More player perks (6 x 3 upgrade options for perks planned for v1.0)
  • Additional companion characters including perks to upgrade (6 companions planned for v1.0)
  • More challenges
  • Additional story content for main and side missions (30+ hours of story content planned for v1.0)
  • Additional situation comments from Adam and Hive
  • Other interesting jobs and political groups
  • More extraterrestrial creatures
  • Natural phenomena such as lightning fields, black holes, solar storms, etc.
  • Fast travel system
  • Different outlaw factions with different technology
  • Better trading opportunities, price monitoring, trading routes
  • Quest inventory
  • glossary
  • Setting the difficulty level
  • Worthwhile endgame content and activities
  • Achievements
  • UI and text language support for German as well as full voice dubbing
  • Mac and Linux support "

If you want to get an idea of ​​the game, you should go to the Rockfish Games channel YouTube or Twitch visit where the developers stream the latest dev build every Friday from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. CET to show what the current state of production looks like. You can also find on the Everspace 2 website Lots of information about the game and the various game systems.

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