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Xbox's Matt Booty announced that the upcoming console Xbox Scarlett should be provided with new games every three to four months. And with first-party games, which originate from the Xbox Game Studios.

Anyone who buys a new game console, would like to be regularly supplied with new titles. And that is exactly what Microsoft has with the Xbox Scarlett in front.

New first-party games every few months

Xbox's Matt Booty said that the current plan is to release a new game every three to four months from one of the Xbox's (buy now for 23,99 €) Game Studios is from. In addition, however, games are still published by third-party manufacturers. Microsoft has now bought so many studios and united under his roof, that evidently a lot of games are under development, which then appear every three months for the Xbox Scarlett.

Matt Booty feels it's good to start the year 2020 with so many games in the works. Although there is still a lot to do, it looks pretty good for the launch of the Xbox Scarlett at the moment. At the moment, studios like 343 Industries, Playground Games, Rare and The Coalition are working on titles for the new console. Even Obsidian Entertainment and inXile are now part of Microsoft and have new games in the making. So if you want to buy the Xbox Scarlett, you can look forward to many games.

Source: VG247

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