Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Everything that has changed in the west

Pokémon in this country is not quite the original Pokémon that was released in Japan: Cultural differences between Europe, the USA and Asia led to some changes in the franchise.


What is the difference between the original Pokémon and the western version? Among other things, the Japanese version of the franchise had some very … suggestive details that were retouched in the US and the EU, but also cultural differences between the West and Asia led to a few adjustments. In addition, some episodes did not even appear in this country.

What has changed – and why – we have summarized for you in this article:

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This is how Pokémon was changed in the west

What is appropriate for children and young people differs from cultural area to cultural area. So it's not surprising that a franchise as famous as Pokémon looks a tiny bit different everywhere. After all, they don't sell the same thing all over the world in fast food chains like McDonalds.