Until now, there was not much to see in Diablo from Lilith. Why she is so important for the series, you will learn in our little history lesson.

Actually Lilith of tremendous importance to the world of DiabloEven though her first real appearance is now in Diablo 4. But what did she actually do the last three parts of the series? Its history is actually even older, older than the world sanctuary itself. It has happened a lot, up to this moment in the trailer:

Daughter of hatred

This nickname is not just a title, but to take literally Lilith is the daughter of Mephisto, the lord of hatred and so too the niece of Diablo even. They all fight in the "eternal conflict" between heaven and hell with the angels around the world stone.

Lilith, however, was tired of the eternal battle and found an ally in Archangel Inarius, whom she captured during a fight. Together they wanted to end the war. Lilith and Inarius managed to steal the world stone with some allies and to get out of the dust.

Creator of the world

If a demon and an archangel love each other very much, they sometimes close their eyes and wish for something. Do you still have a world stone you can create a whole world and the game world of Diablo, Sanctuary, Also got the unlikely pair of kids, the Nephalem, and thus laid the foundation for the human race.

Not all humans come directly from Lilith and Inarius, because other angels and demons got common descendants.

Over time, the Nephalem, however, so powerfulThat demons and angels were afraid to lose control of their world. Among them was Inarius, who was working on a plan Genocide of the Nephalem involved. However, Lilith got wind of it and kill all demons and angels to protect their children, However, she did not have the heart to destroy Inarius, you took his chance and Lilith banished into the void,

With the power of the Worldstone, Inarius took some of the power out of the Nephalem and so they eventually became humans.

The war of sin

After the banishment of Lilith, hell itself would become aware of the human world Mephisto sent Lilith brother Lucion to Sanctuarywho founded a cult there to draw people to the side of the underworld. Inarius then founded his own sect, which should lead humanity to heaven. This conflict is considered the war of sin.

Meanwhile, Lilith succeeded the escape from the void and she tried unnoticed to influence the warby reviving the power of the Nephalem and trying to get a man named Uldyssian to destroy both religions.

But Uldyssian turned against Lilith and Inarius seized the opportunity to save the demon weakened by the battle with the Nephalem to banish again into the void, Inarius lost but his connection to the World Stone and was then pulled down by Mephisto in hell.

Lilith role in the games

Their only appearances in the games to date are limited to the pandemonium event in Lord of Destruction and some diary entries in Reaper of Souls, which tells the (love) story of Lilith and Inarius from the perspective of both.

What exactly Lilith intends in Diablo 4 is still unclear. Fans speculate that the man who freed her in the trailer could be the first Nephalem and her biological son Rathma, The motives of the daughter of hate, however, seem to have a bit more background than the martial nickname suggests, after all, she has already saved people from annihilation.

We'll probably have to wait a little while longer to find out more about Lilith's role in Diablo 4.

If Blizzard plans a nice twist on Lilith – that's not how it works:

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