The multiplayer game Evil Dead: The Game is supposed to be released later this year. But unfortunately nothing comes of it: The development studio Saber Interactive decided at short notice to postpone the release by several months. According to current plans, the release is planned for February 2022 on the PC and consoles. There is no more precise date yet.

According to the developers, there are several reasons for the postponement. One of them is the fact that Saber Interactive is dying to add a single player option to Evil Dead: The Game. This should enable you to go into battle even if you don’t have any friends on hand for a co-op game.

Evil Dead: The Game will be out in February 2022. Hey, you great players. We’re targeting a new release date to give the team extra time to fine-tune and ensure it is the ultimate Evil Dead experience You are all waiting for! The extra time also allows us to implement a single player option that lets you enjoy the game without your co-op comrades. “

Furthermore, Saber Interactive announced that there will soon be specific details about the pre-order bonuses as well as a video with the Evil Dead actor Bruce Campbell. There will also be more information on character updates over the next few weeks and months. The developers may then also come out with a specific release date.

Those: Twitter

Evil Dead The Game: First gameplay from the multiplayer game

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